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My Mom Has Been Sick For 2 Months

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this is the strangest thing, maybe you can help-

my mom has been sick and pretty much unable to move, eat, or go anywhere for the past 2 months. it isn't psychological that we know of. her mood (bp1) is stable right now.

she hurts in her throat (probably from the throwing up), and is just generally tired. the neurologist said there's nothing wrong, the lupus doctor said there's nothing wrong, her MS isn't giving her any problems, and all other doctors concerned say there's nothing wrong with her.

they keep telling her it is a virus and will go away.

they did screenings for the heps and they came back negative.

i'm actually wondering if it is HIV- she used to work in hospice care back when AIDS was first coming around. could she be sick all these years later from it? i told her to get checked, just to rule it out.

chronic fatigue syndrome? they said she has some GI issue, but would that make you sick enough to not be able to leave the house for 2 months?

her bloodwork came back (just checking cell counts) and there wasn't anything remarkable between the white and red cells, but that doesn't rule out HIV...i'm just very worried about her.

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