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She Killed The Cat!


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i recently had to put one of my beloved cats, artie to sleep.

my mom had recently been told she had a cat allergy, so right away she locked 2 of the 5 cats she had into the back bedroom, and made the others go outside. this was in the summer.

so 3 of the cats were outside.

all of the cats had vaccinatinos as INDOOR CATS, and no OUTDOOR CAT vaccinations.

she gave one cat to a farm, leaving 2 outside.

i took the 2 indoor ones because i could be sure of their health and that they wouldn't infect my existing cats (already had 2) with anything.

we're still dealing with 2 outdoor cats.

she called me at 10pm one night to tell me that one of the cats was sick. he wasn't eating or drinking, or responding to anything. he was thin, sick, and couldn't even stand up. why hadn't she told me this sooner? i rushed over there, and took the cat to teh 24-hr vet clinic. they tested him positive for feline aids and leukemia. i had to put him to sleep.

i feel like she killed him, and the other outdoor cat probably has leukemia and i'll probably have to put her to sleep too, because she made them go outside when i told her they didn't have the right shots for it. artie even lost all of his claws on one paw. i don't know if they naturally shed or if he lost them in a fight, but they weren't there anyway. all of them were just gone.

she tells me that she feels guilty over the cat, and i assure her that he loved the outdoors, and would have gotten into the fight anyway. i don't believe that though. i had trained those cats to be indoor cats. i was scrambling to find them homes. she could have suffered her alledged "allergies" (never bothered her before) a little longer to give me time. time to at least get them their vaccines!

so i do blame her for in effect killing the cat. she forced him outside.

now i have the other outdoor cat to deal with, and she seems to be showing signs of leukemia too, and i'm trying to find a free/cheap animal clinic in the area that can help...i can't pay my rent let alone pay another $170 for another cat. there must be animal charities or something.

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that sucks!! i would be soooo pissed at your mom if i were in your position.

my dad kicked my indoor cat outside in the winter. her water bowl was freezing over. i snuck her inside most nights, but eventually had to put her in foster care for half a year until i lived on my own and could take her. i was terrified he was going to kill her.

anyway, i don't know how you kept her temper and didn't tell her, "yep, you did kill my cats." i would have. but probably it's good that you didn't if you want to still be speaking to her in the future.

sorry you have to deal with that!!!!


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yes to both libby and abifae-

libby- i'm going to call some charities i know of and see what there is in the way of free/cheap medical care for animals in my area. i know she's sick, i've had cats with this before, and i'm fairly certain it is leukemia. my mom is irresponsible wiht cats and doesn't take care of them. my cats are happy, healthy, vaccinated cats (and all kept indoors, but individual feelings vary).

abifae- it took all i had to not tell her like it is. i had to lie about it and even console her. i just wanted to scream at her. this isn't the first time (look at artie, look at how i know what the illness is in cats) she's let this happen to a cat. we lost my beloved fuzzy when i was really little to feline leukemia, and i could just never understand why she wasn't vaccinated if she was going outside at all.

ah, i could write about this forever. i'll write more in the animals thread then...


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