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This is a lot of pills

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I think I get the blue ribbon...

Depakote ER 1500 mg at night

Vistaril 50 mg PRN

Nexium 40 mg 1x daily

Halcion .25 mg at night

Risperdal 1.5 mg at night

Parnate 10 mg 2x daily

Zyprexa 5 mg PRN (rare)

Cogentin 1 mg 2x daily

Indocin 25 to 50 mg 3x daily

Librax 5/2.5 3x daily

Ibuprofen 800 mg PRN

Tylenol sometimes (doesn't do much)

I average over 20 pills a day.

I ran this list on drugs.com and it was somewhat gloom and doom. The problem is, I don't know what to do. I have had so many trials with so many drugs. I totally feel like shit. The only med that works at 100% is the Nexium. THe rest is pretty marginal. Even with (and probably because of) these meds I can't work and haven't worked for over 2 years.

being in agonizing mental and physical pain vs. feeling like hammered shit. I'm actually worried I may not wake up some morning. Oh, time to take some pills...

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Yep, you win. I take fifteen (or so), split between seven prescription medications and three supplements. It's, er, fun. Yes. Fun to log on to aidsmeds.com and have the interaction checker tell me I'm going to die. More fun than a barrel of monkeys (which I assume isn't much fun at all).

I got to do a bunch of labs today to check on lithium's inevitable long-term damage. Four hours of peeing and bleeding and mincing about in gowns of various shades of blue, getting electrodes stuck to me and x-rays shot at me and explaining AGAIN and AGAIN that YES, I'm quite young for these tests, but YES I REALLY AM on that many meds. Dear god, even the nurses were shocked.

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THe rub of it is that I need EACH AND EVERY ONE. I've tried going without this or that and I'm quickly reminded that I need to take it. My Pdoc and my doc both agree it's a lot. Fortunately I have my pdocs home phone and I live within 5 minutes of an ER.

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my mom used to take 28. but she has bp1, lupus, MS, and other weird disorders. lovely. she's gotten down to 10 i think.

when she told me 28, i'm not sure if she meant pills taken per day or different RXes. i'll have to ask. she was a very sick woman. and she's had cancer 3 times (cervical).

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Man, that's a ho-lotta pills! And your poor liver! I thought I was on a lot. How long have you been on pills?

I've been on pills off and on all my life. (ADD kid) THis particular regimen has been going on for about 2 months. I never thought of my liver though. Usually I really do my homework on meds. Guess I better talk to my pdoc about that.

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I'm always being


That is a lot of meds.


I feel stable,

most of the time,

somethang must be working.

Please don't waste time,

about my

screwing around with my meds.

heard it all


I know I'll do it again.

I mean,Holy Fucking pharmacy,

With all, in my Sphere of MI,

Enough,swear I should rattle

with all those tabs down there.


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