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Hi My name is mark

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and Im a fucking loon.

Group: Hiii maaarrrk.

Labeled with depression and ADD inattentive type. The ADD has been life long but in the 60s when I went to grade school they just punished you for it. I was able to muscle my way past most of the ADD stuff for most of my life.

Then two kids born unto me with significant rare genetic disorder and mental retardation-- after 10 or so years of the stress that came with the demands of their care I found more and more that I was losing it cognitively-- then slid in to "nutin matters and what if it did" to cope with hostile spouse and my unwillingness to leave my kids for the sake of my emotional needs. then started to realize that it was no longer a voluntary coping mechanism.

Finally went to doc after losing job becasue I couldnt think or get anything done-- Currently on Cymbalta 60mg/day and Concerta--- whatever I feel like taking per day.

I'm doing OK these days. Life's tough and I'm pretty much alone with respect to having anyone with whom I can have emotional or physical intimacy but I'm a very laid back guy and let life unfold before me and make the most of it. Hard to insult me-- you have to mean it and even then, you better be pretty good at it.

I enjoy reading the posts here. I feel much less like a loser and more like a patient since finding out (some) other losers aren't losers after all-- its just MI. (just, heh)

This year's stressors included a liver transplant for my 16 YO daughter, surgery for my son and numerous explosive outbursts by my wife (on roughly 28 day cycles) for things I have said or done that I don't quite understand are so horrible-- but then perhaps my easy going nature prevents me from seing how misunderstandings can be taken with such affront.

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Hi Mark. Welcome to crazy boards. Nice to meet you.

Pat yourself on the back. You are an awesome parent and partner with lots of responsibility, frustration, and much more. You have not walked away from the challenges.

Why does life toss such huge mountains to travel? It is so painful to watch loved ones suffer.

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Hey Guy, glad to see you made it. For the most part we are a easy going group here and I think you'll enjoy it.

I'm so sorry that your children are going through such a rough time and I hope that they will be ok. I am a busy body, I know, but it seems like your wife could use some meds herself, she seems to have had a long history of anger .

Best to you and don't feel shy, jump in on any thread and say your thoughts


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Hey, if it was just you and wife...well I would help you pack! But there are kids involved and staying really is doing the right thing. Can you imagine your daughter going through a liver transplant with you not around?

So anyway....sorry life is not treating you and yours well. Glad you found this place though.


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