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If you hate your meds post here!


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I've split this thread from blackbird's "If you love your meds post here!" thread in the Good Stuff forum. Many of us despise our meds and sometimes we need to complain about it. "Issues" seemed like a better venue for these sentiments than a celebration thread. Bitch away!

I don't like lithium. It seems effective, but it's also caused hypothyroidism and is likely building up long-term physical damage.

I also don't like my NSAID of the day, or any of the others, because they don't work well enough for me. The lessen the pain and inflammation, but they do not eliminate it. Sometimes "less" pain is still too much.

I hate failed med trials that end in shitty side effects like accidentally walking out into traffic. They're supposed to help my brain, not hurt it.

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i hate my meds for the stupid irrational reason that i want to just be normal, and the meds are the scapegoat, even though they are the things that make me as close to normal as i will ever get.

i am in "i don't need these anymore do i?" mode again. resenting them, and the cost, and just wanting to ditch them completely, and not have to worry about insurance coverage, and when the rx expires, and paying for the pdoc to get the rx, and filling the pill cases, and taking the supplements to counteract the side affects, and having become a fucking eunich, and boring fat old fart cuz i don't drink, or fuck, or have any fun anymore.

ohhh but i am not suicidal, or explosive anymore. woo fucking hoo.

this is no life. i'd RATHER be suicidal i think. at least i'd be feeling something besides resentment and ennui.

fuck shit piss god damn meds.

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I don't love my meds enough to take credit for blackbird's thread ("if you love your meds").

Oh and I hate/love Seroquel and hate the mood stabolizers I endured before Lamictal. Why do they put us through that shit when all roads seem to lead to Lamictal in the end? Who doesn't hate Depakote or Lithium?

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I hated all my meds, eventually. I hate that depakote made my hair start falling out too soon. I hate that prozac and zoloft led to manic states requiring hospitalization. I hate that on ativan I started hearing audible voices. I hate that wellbutrin made me have trouble thinking clearly or following a group conversation. I hate that klonopin led to dependency and withdrawal panic attacks and seizures and insomnia. I hate that celexa made it impossible to ever orgasm even though I was still horny. I hate that concerta made me obsessive and suicidal and precipitated major collapses in my work and personal life. I hate that on meds I forget how I ended up needing meds. I hate that I've had major med shifts because of being forced to change doctors because of changing work situations which changed insurance plans. I hate that everyone saying meds are the answer is batshit crazy compared to all the people I know who deal with their problems without drugs. I hate that I am only learning this late in life how to deal with my problems without drugs and how to not be so batshit crazy. I hate that for a long time I believed there might be a magic drug and I bought into this again and again and part of me still wants to take that magic drug and be all better.

He thinks the answer's cold and in his hand

He takes his medicine

The man takes another bullet

He's been fooled again


Uncross your arms, take and throw 'em to the cure, say

"I do believe!"

Uncross your arms, take 'em to and say

"I do believe! Yeah, I do believe!"

Yeah everyone's got to have the sickness

'Cause everyone seems to need the cure

precious cure...

-- Metallica, The Cure

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I hate that I'm on Lamictal and I still get depressed.

I hate that I need Zoloft.

I hate the creative hobbles and the cute little potbelly I get from lithium.

I hate that Abilify kills every shred of hypomania.

I hate that Zyprexa is such a fat zombie drug.

I hate that I took stimulants and got suicidal.

I hate that Wellbutrin made me so high that I made the guests cook their own dinner.

I hate what Lexapro did to my sex life.

I hate the baldness and fatness that is Depakote.

I hate those creepy Seroquel dreams.

I hate benzo depression and benzo withdrawal.

I think that's it, but I am available to hate even more meds if need be.


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I hate all 12 of my meds. the only one I remotely like is Nexium. It's the only one that works decently. It's a choice, really. Meds make me feel like hammered shit but I remember the type of person I was without them.

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