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Thinking of trying 5HTP again.

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Hey everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well. I finally stopped taking the Lexapro all together. I am hoping to stay off it for good now.

I was thinking of trying 5HTP..I had tried it several years ago, but never really took it consistently..I have been off the Lexapro for about 2 weeks now, would it be safe to take it? I know you are never supposed to mix the two, but I figure at this point, the Lex is basically out of my system, no?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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hopefully someone who understands half-lives in meds will come along and give a more detailed answer. but from what i found it seems to be a "2 to 5 week washout depending on the half-life" (this is the advice for switching to an ssri to an maoi.)

as for 5htp helping you... some people say it does, some say it doesn't. i use tryptophan to help me sleep.

one thing about supplements, remember that the quality REALLY varies by brand. i used the source naturals brand for both 5htp and tryptophan and had good results with both. (of course i use them for sleep.)

there are other good brands out there, of course, but don't buy something like the GNC brand, etc.

i am going to move this to the supplement board.



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