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late-onset med allergies?

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hey y'all

I've become crazy itchy in the past few months, and though I haven't done a huge battery of allergy tests yet, I have been to my dermatologist and we've only been able to curb the gerenalized itching (no bumps), not eliminate it.

I take a couple of anticonculsant-style mood stabilizers and I'm wondering if anyone taking drugs like this had an experience developing an allergy after having been on them for some time. I tried Wellbutrin and got itchy after just two weeks, which I'm told is the normal way. But I've been on lithium and lamictal for 2+ years . . .

would love to hear if anyone has experience in this dept.

thanks team


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lamictal is famous (infamous) for rashes. they can happen at any time during treatment, but usually in the beginning.

talk to your pdoc and have him/her look at the rash. also tell your GP that you take a medication known to caues rashes and ask for some advice.

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