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I was raised with the precept that "you judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin".

Then I married a Marine and we got transferred to the south.

So, here I am, a non-bigoted, well educated, intelligent person completely surrounded and overwhelmed.

If I don't hear the N word three, or six, or ten times a day... Well, it means that I must have stayed home that day...

My boss just finished telling me how proud he was of his 11 year old for winning a basketball game, since they were at a disadvantage (they don't have any black players on her team and the other team did...) When I pointed out that not every black person is automatically going to be good at basketball, he replied "of course they are - because they have different legs and they can jump better" ;)

This is a college educated person! And he is the norm down here! :embarassed:

Our county sheriff regularly takes out ads in the local paper proclaiming anyone who is not a white christian to be an enemy of America... :)

You can probably guess the kinds of things that are said about people with disabilities (it's equal opportunity - physical and mental challenges are a great subject for gossip, derision and fun around here...)

It would be a giant financial hardship to quit our jobs, sell our house and move, but I don't know if I can live out my life surrounded by these people and their filth and ignorance.

I guess there's really no point to this rant, I just had to get it off my chest.

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i never did think they got over their prejudice. i'm not picking on all southerners, to do that would be just like picking on all people of ethnicity or people with disabilities (like myself). of course not all southerners are like that, but it seems there are quite a number where you live.

that sucks!

you may want to move. i don't think i could stand living in the confederecy. ;):)

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I went to college in NC. Prior to college - I was born & raised in CA. So, like you - it was a major cultural change.

There are good, non-bigoted, intelligent people in NC and I hope you are able to find them and become friends.

When I was in NC the most racist things I experienced were a KKK rally - of which the students at my college & myself - protested. and there used to be a KKK store close to the state line in SC.

and we all know, NC is a much better state than SC. ;) have you heard those arguments yet? ask the natives...

NC is a really beautiful state - I suppose leaf season has already passed. but just wait until the end of feb when the sprouts of new flowers start to grow & bloom.

Good Luck!!


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This is odd because my twin and I moved to the same city in NC last year (Asheville, 2005). She found herself surrounded by bigots like you, and I didn't meet one. Not one. At least, I don't remember meeting any. I know I didn't work with any. (We're from CA by the way. She moved there from WA, and I moved there from VA.)

She can totally sympathize with you. I heard almost the exact same complaints, word for word. She's a pagan as well, so imagine her other complaints in the good ol' bible belt. She had to hid her pentacle tattoo to get a job.

I just found it odd that sis and I lived in the same town and saw it so completely differently. She hated Asheville. I didn't mind it so much. Were it not so expensive, I'd still be living there. She moved back to WA, and I moved back to VA (long story).

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Are you in a small town? I'm in a big city in the south, and I never hear the n word or other racial slurs. Honest to God, I don't. I do hear gay slurs, though.

In small towns, it's a different story.

Anyway, not every person in the south is a bigot. Just had to state that clearly.

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