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sucky circumstances

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Last Thanksgiving my great aunt died. I miss her terribly. She left me thirty thousand dollars of inheritance. the lawyer that was dealing with it said that he would take care of things and that he would hang on to it indefinetly (sp?)

Day before yesterday I get this huge ass check in the mail and am in a panic ;)

..I'm in the middle of trying to re-negotiate my food stamps and now this, I have a next Tuesday appointment with a lawyer that specializes in this kind of thing. He says that I need to invest the money this month or lose medicaid for every month that I don't invest. My landlords are willing to sell me the mobile home that I live in but that still leaves a lot of money to get rid of....Im scared. I've never owned anything in my life.Part of me wants to send the check back with an angry letter. I don't know what to do.

Just needed to say it out

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I agree with wifezilla - get the advice from a lawyer cuz this looks like it could be a sticky situation.

it seems like you were really close to your aunt - my grandfather passed away 11 years ago this thanksgiving. we were really close. so "celebrating" the holiday is a little wierd. I just wanted you to know i understand that facet of this circumstance.

much love,


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