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we need to hurt ourselfs Trigger

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;):):cussing::wtf:We are feeling very bad

things from the past our past we hate ourselfs more than we hate the people who damaged us

who made us do thinks we cant not talk about

we need to cut we havent cut for a month now but we need to now

we are not alone we have drew he is with us but he said that if things are very bad for us that us cutting is the only way we can cope

we need to cut we need to see blood

The Collective

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It's not the only way anymore. Maybe it was once, but now you can find other ways, ways that won't hurt. You don't deserve to hurt. It may feel like you do, but someone on here said "feelings aren't facts." That is a great quote. Keep telling yourselves that- "just because we feel like that doesn't it make it true!" You don't deserve pain or hate from yourselves or anyone else.

If you feel like you need to cut to cope, please try an alternative first. We have a sticky up at the top of this board about it, but some people find drawing on their skin with a red marker helps if you need to "see" it. If it's the pain that helps you through, try an ice cube against your skin. It's at least worth the try, right?

Edited to add this link to the "alternatives to SI" thread: http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=200

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