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What to do, what to do

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Here's the skinny. I *tried* to start my own thing doing something I like to do - tutoring English to adults - but I have no head for business or marketing and if I do this for someone else, then it's a whole other can of worms. That's on the back burner until I can figure something out.

So to put bread on the table, I have to work... and all I know how to do is office work. You know, paperwork, phones, databases, spreadsheets, wordprocessing, junk like that. I'm not IT; I don't know squat about networking or programming, and I'm not certified in any kind of software. I'm just pretty good at all of that administrative stuff. I kind of like the computer junk, if I didn't have to deal with anyone else while doing it...

But with the Administrative Assistant positions come other duties - filing (ugh!), answering the phone (shiver), making phone calls ((((shiver)))), dealing with the public (ugh), and putting up with bitchy bosses who either think they know more than I do, or they can't do anything for themselves... just to name my top peeves.

I can really deal with most of that junk in small doses, but what I cannot stand - what stresses me to the point of breaking every single time is hours upon HOURS of downtime. It drives me nuts! I can't deal with that. Whenever I interview for a job, they always tell me the same thing, "Oh, you'll always be busy here." Not! I almost always end up staring at the computer screen and try to look busy. Of course, I ask for things to do... but a good deal of the time, I either get monkey work, or there really is *nothing*.

This assignment I'm on until December is the same. I do a total of maybe two hours of work a day! If I stretch it.

I had the nifty idea of trying to find two part time jobs when I was unemployed. But whenever I interviewed for part time, I got the same response - overqualified. WTF??? I wanted to work part time because full time bores me to tears!!! I don't care about pay cuts! I'll work three part time jobs if I have to - I've done it before - as long as I stay busy.

I even tried changing fields, like going into retail or something like that. I filled out dozens of applications when I was unemployed. For some strange reason, not one store called me for interviews. Is it my lack of retail experience? Very strange...

I don't want to be stuck in this hell for eternity. I can't keep switching jobs, and the temp thing won't work forever, because even full time temp jobs drive me insane - they generally have the most down time... What the bloody blue blazes am I going to do? I'm a little frustrated over here.

Any suggestions?

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It really is possible to change fields. I've been, in chronological order, a woodcutter, a grocery bagger, a landscaper, a roofer, a truck stop attendant, a soldier, a military instructor, manager of landscaping at a large shopping mall, a 7-11 clerk, a roof and floor truss builder, a sawyer, a hardware salesman, a night maintenance man at a motel, and, finally, a librarian. Of course all these jobs were before I was diagnosed as wacky. But I was overqualified for all the jobs but woodcutter and grocery bagger (and librarian).


edited to add "and librarian"

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