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cymbalta vs effexor? and benzo combo, and OCD?anxiety?

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I finally have an ocd/anxiety specialist. So my real diagnosis right now is ocd and gad and just "I am freakin" anxious.

So I have been on cymbalta for 2 weeks at 20mg, moving up to 30mg tomorrow for a week, 40 for a week, then 50, and up to 60mg.

I have klonopin for my panic attacks during the day and then at night I have valium 10mg - the reason is the valium helps with a bladder problem and hoping it will help with sleep.

The klonopin is .5mg

Anyway, my question is:

I haven't noticed anything good or bad so far on cymbalta - don't expect good yet, but I read alot of the posts here.

It seems that effexor is far more popular and people seem to not have much luck with cymbalta - either they don't stay on it for some reason or it works for a couple months and then stops, and they wind up on effexor.

Is that really true, am I just not seeing the cymbalta people or maybe they just aren't on this site.

I know Velvet has good luck with it.

Does anyone know if cymbalta helps with ocd/anxiety?

No plans on switching, I am taking the doctors advice, listening this time to everyone else, and people here, and finally just doing whatever the doc says and giving the med a good try.

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i'm glad you're giving it a good try. it's impossible to tell at 2 weeks if cymbalta will help you. there are a lot of people on this site who like cymbalta. there is also an effexor croud. but the bottom line is that it doesn't matter how many people like one drug vs. another, what matters is how it works for you. so i'm glad you're going to give it a chance to work.

i could tell you my personal experiences with both medications, but all that would let you know is how i reacted. (and you can guess that if i've hung around here this long i'm batshit and i react oddly to meds. ok. maybe you can't guess. but it is true. i am both batshit and i react oddly to meds. you actually shouldn't guess this as this is by no means true of all members who've stuck around. this is nice place to be on a rainy day, even if your bats have left you alone.)

cymbalta rocks for a lot of people. there used to be a springer check-in thread for members on cymbalta, i bet it's in the "re-runs" section on the springer board if you want to read it.

i hope this combo works out for you, and i'm glad you're working with a doctor you seem to trust.



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