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Newest Al-Qaida Tape States; Bush Stupidest US President Ever

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Sadly they did not just stop there.

They are making threats today on our entire White House.

Bush, in meantime was going on in his delusion of war, that we must to continue to support "our" war over there.

This was on our 5 Noon news here in Boston.

Time to throw the cards in Bush, this was your War, we want it over.

And Our White House safe, Our Troops safe.

Time to say Goodnight, and Goodbye.


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i agree that bush is the dumbest president we've ever had. we went over there because he had personal issues with saddam, not because iraq had any "weapons of mass destruction".

as far as Al-Qaida is concerned, let them make their threats. this is a new kind of war, and will be fought with intelligence, not with tanks and guns. we can bomb them to kindgom come, but they're in cells all over the world, just hiding, just waiting. it is time for "homeland security" to step up.

we don't want to see more of our men and women die over a war that wasn't supposed to be.

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