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Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, had no idea where it belongs..

I am requesting something I requested a while back and was told I was not of sound mind. I would like to be removed entirely from CB. I can at least articulate this more clearly at this point, and spell out exactly what I am requesting:


Recently I was approached by someone in my in-person support group who I strongly believe found me on CB and figured out from my postings over time that I was going to this group, which is rather unique in the Boston area. This very much freaked me out, and makes me wary about the personal info that is still here.

Because of my stance towards psychiatry, I no longer feel this is a useful place for me to get support with mental health issues, nor do I feel my presence is helpful more than harmful. For a long time I've had to bite my tongue often when thinking how to address certain problems of others, to the point I had to just treat CB and Springer as a personal blog for what support this offered, and communicate almost 100% off the boards with people I have met here. At this point, I feel I am being blacklisted, understandably, for letting my opinions out once again, as well as for recent conflicts which I have not been able to address and have been grossly misinterpreted and whatever.

My friends are either entirely in touch off CB or are rapidly coming to hate me, so...

Point is, I don't want to be here, and the powers that be don't want me here either, so I believe I am of sound mind requesting that:

The request:

My account be flagged to post only with moderator approval. I do not plan to post further, but this will ensure that should I need to post anywhere, I will not create a disruption without moderator attention. I would like to still be able to log in and communicate via PM for the moment; I don't know how else this can be accomodated?

My Springer thread be permanently deleted. Not invisible, deleted.

All my posts be permanently deleted.

I have no idea if I can be given a database dump of all my posts before they are deleted, or even if this could include topic threads (probably not), but this would be appreciated.

I am not wanting to disrupt the boards further. If I do not need to do anything further to clear myself from CB, I would like as a FINAL STEP to have my account disabled (IP ban doesn't accomplish anything).

Please figure out who is dealing with this request and PM me with further info. I hope it is appreciated that I am trying to do this for the good of CB as well as for my own personal need to get away from here. Please do not antagonize me if my request cannot be handled as requested, but let me know what is possible.

Thank you.

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The mod approval function doesn't work very well. You'll have to bug someone to get a post approved. This could get old for all parties involved but I'm willing to give it a try.

The rest of it is complicated. PM sent.

Also, there is a download thread function in the options menu at the top right of every thread. Try that first. I know. It sucks and doesn't work half the time. Try it anyway.

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I know this is a tricky issue and there have been problems with post deletions, etc.. before but, I would really like to throw something out there for consideration...

When I post here, yeah, it is for me and my purposes, but it goes beyond that. Every interaction BETWEEN posters (and not just the individual posts I make) becomes a potential learning experience for anyone down the line who stumbles on a thread. Sure, I may be ranting about Max destroying my house, but 10 years from now, some poor frustrated mother of an autistic child may stumble upon my thread along with all the responses, arguments, ideas, etc... and say "Wow! I guess my kid doing stuff that isn't unusual for someone with autism. Maybe I can use some of these ideas, or at least I could stop thinking he is doing these things to piss me off and just chill out a bit."

In this example, while I was serving my own selfish needs in a post, reading about my struggle turns out to be needed help to someone else. This happened when I first joined. By reading other people's questions, comments, arguments, rants and suggestions, I learned! In fact, I learned more in a weekend on crazy boards that I did in 10 years talking to hubby's doctors and other hospital staff.

If I was at the helm (lucky for everyone I am not...LOL) I would allow people to delete their user name and change it into something else generic and maybe remove some posts that might give too specific information about their identity...but that's it. This would leave threads in tact while distancing the original identity of individual who doesn't want to be associated with that screen name anymore.

That way threads remain coherant and useful instead of some strange swiss cheese of unrelated comments.

I guess I think that the "I am going to take my post and go home" mentality is rather selfish. Sure, you need to protect yourself, but...it aint all about you.

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WZ: That is definitely my preference, however we learned a while back that a lot of people are not comfortable posting at all if they can't remove their posts.

Since the vast majority of people do not take their posts with them when they leave it's really a small price to pay I guess.

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Why not just delete the incriminating posts you are so worried about, rather than make a big production about it? I once had my life story on my springer thread, got paranoid and then deleted it. I nicely asked Velvet Elvis for a name change at the same time and he accommodated the request in a flash.

Every once in awhile, someone goes all dramatic here and says they will never return, but then seem to be back in a few days. Didn't you say you were outta here just a few weeks ago?

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just for informational purposes, Jemini has taken leave of posting. His access is read-only, so he won't be back to answer these posts. You see his name in the list of users online because he can still read posts, he just can't post anything.

i have, in the past, tried to leave. i've tried to take breaks too, like little CB vacations because i truly get into clicking frenzies and caught up in everything to the point where i don't brush my teeth or remember to take a shit because i'm so addicted. sometimes i just need to 'clean out'. heh. that was kind of sick.

i can't speak for anyone else on whether to remove everything or leave everything or something in between. personally, i don't know that i would remove any posts. but whatever. sometimes what i would do isn't the only right thing to do.

eta: if people want to discuss the merits or demerits of removing one's posts when they leave, i would suggest starting a new thread on the issue. i'm closing the thread since the user isn't here to respond. peace out.

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