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ssri and NO weight gain

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Just curious if there is an ssri out there that does not make you gain weight.

I suffer from ptsd (anxiety) and was on lexapro 10mg. I LOVED it but gained a ton of weight which made me UNHAPPY!

Depression is not really in my mix of pbs...but gaining a ton of weight while working out with a trainer 5 days a week will make anyone sad.

So....next on my dr.s list is cymbalta....

But...I was curious if I had this reaction to one ssri will it be the same for all of them? Is there a magic pill out there that will help my anxiety etc. but not make me gain weight?


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Hi kthreekids,

I have been on various SSRIs over the last 7 years or so. Although YMMV I think they all can cause weight gain to some degree.

I am on 10 mg Lexapro, and on 300 mg Wellbutrin XL. I have been able to keep my weight under control on this combination.

Cymbalta might do the same for you.

Good Luck,


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Cymbalta is not an SSRI, it's a multiple reuptake inhibitor.  I'm not sure if it tends to cause weight gain. 

If Lexapro worked for you, then another SSRI might work as well.  I think Prozac and Zoloft have less of a reputation for causing weight gain so one of those might be good.  In any case, you won't know unless you try.

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I have never gained weight with SSRI, which isn't fair since I want to. But I know just how awful it can be to love a med but hate a side effect just as much.  ;)

I would think since zoloft and prozac are known for being more stimulating, that might be why they may not cause weight gain? I was on prozac for a while and then went onto zoloft, in that time I unintentonally lost more than a stone and a half (20+lbs?). While i've tended to not find it hard to mantain a weight on celexa and paxil, I think.

Not really helpful but just my own experience. :)

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