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Today's Trip to SSA

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Background- i was approved for SSD. my case was randomly selected for a quality review, so had to go to chicago for that. while it was being reviewed, they were going to give me SSI. ok, not enough money to live on or even pay my rent with, but ok.

so i went and checked in the beginning of november, which was ample enough time for them to have completed this check. it had come back affirmative.

so then i was told additional processing had to be done here in cleveland.



i had been told to go into the SSA office if i hadn't heard from them by mid-month. well, i hadn't heard, so i went in.

my own case manager didn't know me from eve, and my case was new and foreign to her. she even asked me if i had quit working. i had sent her a certified return-receipt copy of that letter affirming that i was no longer employed with my employer. so she HAD IT.

then, she took forever to read my file. adn forever. and forever.

finally, she told me that the hold-up was because one of my doctors had said for them to ask me if i needed to have a "designated payee" or something, someone who would get the check for you and help you manage your money. i said no, i don't need that, so she's supposed to call me in the morning to tell me it has been set up, and i'll finally get my SSD.

SO- if i hadn't gone into the office, when do you think they would have gotten around to telling me any of this? my 6-month period on SSI would have run out and they would still not have told me this one little thing. you really have to keep on SSA. they're something else.

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well, their job IS to keep as many people from taking their money as possible ;)

i'm glad you went in and got it taken care of. here, if you aren't standing in line by one hour before they open, you have an hour wait at opening, and it pretty much adds one more hour of wait each hour later you get there throughout the day. so just getting in is an ordeal.

how do they lose so much paperwork anyway? i think it has to be intentional... for anyone else on or getting on: those certified letters are crucial and worth the money!!!


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Since it has been 2 1/2 years since I first applied, I think they suck. I called my attorney the other day to see if Social Security has forgotten about me. I am 10x worse than when I started this gig. But I felt more humble when he said 2 of his clients lost their homes and one is living in a tent. That is not a good perspective in November in Michigan. Just pisses me off.

I hope all goes well for you Loon.

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yeah, they must do it on purpose to keep us from getting our benefits! why else would the process be so archaic, especially for people who aren't as high functioning? my best friend's mother had to do all of his stuff for him. he could never have gotten through this circus of a process without help.

kablume- that is disgusting that people are losing their homes and living in tents because social security isn't coming through. before my dad died, he was in the process of losing his home to foreclosure. he would have came to live with me, but it is wrong to deny someone social security and fight with them for years over it.

i'm just grateful that i'm in the final stage, where cleveland only has to finish this processing and then i'll get my money. all that's left is one call from my person at SSA and we'll be done- at least that's what she says.


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so TODAY i finally (after 4 attempts) got in touch wth my rep at SSA and she told me she finished my claim yesterday, i should be receiving my award letter by friday, and i'll have my $$ in 10 days!


when was she going to get around to telling me this?

talking to the SSA is like pulling teeth.

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