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The NHS sucks


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So I've been feeling pretty shit for over a week, and last night my dad told me to call the doctor. So I phoned my psychiatrist's secretary just now, and asked for a closer appointment than the one I've got in two weeks, and she said she can't do that 'cos he's away some of this week and next week, so go see your GP instead. This is the second time this has happened with him, and it really fucks me off. What's the point in having someone overseeing your care if they never see you when you really need them to? So I'm going to see a GP this afternoon who I've never met before, and ask him to tinker with my meds. The whole thing just seems stupid to me. It makes me angry. ;)

(ah, I feel much better for that!)

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The NHS would be grand if they had more funding, I've been on the list to see a clinical psychologist for over a year now. My p-doc is a good enough man but I see him so rarely. They also took away my social worker and CPN. I think they like me to be independent and not so reliant on health professionals which being borderline probably makes sense.

I go to see the p-doc tomorrow for the first time since my overdose

We'll see how much I like the NHS then!

blackbird x

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