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pregnancy side effects - vision, teeth, hair...

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Hi All:

Ive been having problems with my vision. primarily quickly changing focus - its like have to think about it and make my eyes focus correctly.

for example - watching tv and then looking at the clock a few feet away.

so, i thought it might be age & genetics.

and then i thought "well, might as well see what "what to expect..." has to say. and the book confirmed that all these pregnancy hormones can definitely affect one's vision:

- vision can become less sharp

- fluid retention can change the curvature of the eye

- eye dryness (i do not have)

- fluid increase can change the cornea's shape.

so i did some more research online and found that some of these vision problems can also be the indicator of a more serious problem - like gestational diabetes.

which im already freaked out about.

and i have a obgyn appt in the next 76 hours - so i'll discuss this with the dr at my appt.

Did anyone else have vision problems? or other side effects of pregnancy like gums, teeth, hair wierdness, anything unexpected or odd?

and dont worry or think you are gonna scare me. Ive been diligently watching the tv show "babies: special delivery" and im seeing all the potential wackiness that can occur.

(i use the word "wackiness" because thats all i can think of).

I look forward to your posts,


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my sister's vision changed for her entire pregnancy. she had to get a different prescription of glasses and it changed back after. she had no complications at all. apparently hormones can change vision! definitely get it checked out since it can be a warning of other problems, but don't worry too much ;)


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I'm not sure watching those shows is good for you. :| I think there is definitely a problem with information overload for pregnant women. A lot of these things you read about in books or on the internet or see on those TV shows just don't happen to the vast majority of women. And IF they were to happen, you would not be likely to panic any less because you'd heard of it before. You'd still be freaking out because it was happening to YOU. As I learned with preterm labor. Anyway just a thought, you know yourself better than anyone, I just worry about you causing yourself stress!

I had vision changes during my pregnancies and no problems related to them, but it is good to bring it up with your OB for your own peace of mind. I know later in pregnancy it can potentially be a sign of blood pressure problems but I don't think that is usually the case this early on. I'm sure China would know!

My hair and fingernails grew realllly quick, my gums bled like crazy, and I got a zillion new cavities. Yes, a zillion. Only "odd" thing I can think of was craving ice like mad in my last pregnancy. I would make myself wait until after dinner so I didn't eat ice instead of food (or else I would have!) but then I would just munch and munch on it. I loved it. I drank a ton of water just so I'd have an excuse to put ice in it, and I generally don't like to drink (unflavored) water.

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Hi All:

abifae: thanks for your comment. some of the research i have done indicates that some vision problems will correct themselves after the baby is born.

faith: dont worry about the information I take in. I dont visit most pregnancy sites because they are all "happy happy joy joy the world is perfect bullshit."

Its really difficult for me right now to be so happy and so sick. I usually try to eat through the nausea...but yesterday and today that has not worked. and im eating healthy foods.

add in the crazy - i cant remember if i was bleeding in the bathroom or if it was a dream this morning. I havent had any other bleeding today. and the inability to take a shower because the drain cap was missing. when alex came home he told me where the drain cap was, i put it back on and took a shower.

I also know there is major concern about publishing very small statistics and have the whole world (or every pregnant woman) worrying about the minute possibilities of problems. However, Im trying to be a realist about this. I dont watch "a baby story" because its all soft focus and if there is a problem, its resolved.

last night on "babies: special delivery" there was a baby born with a cyst in her lungs....after birth, the cyst kept growing and the baby died. Now, i know its improbable to worry about something like that for myself. But I learn a lot more watching that show than what i read in "what to expect..." or "your pregnancy week by week."

and there is a HUGE part of me that is upset I didnt know more when i had my miscarriages. I know, i shouldnt dwell on the past. so, thats why I want to know as much as possible now.

I would love to hear any details anyone would like to share about being crazy & pregnancy.



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SB--almost EVERYONE has visual changes during pregnancy. But very fewe have gest. diabetes, and your doc will check for that at about 28 weeks.

So--advice from the nursie-- do not "borrow trouble" as my granny used to say.

You are doing great--



P.S. The chances are HUGE that nothing you could have done would have prevented the miscarriages, since they were early. Now, things after 20 weeks, thats another ball game. Those little souls were not ready to evolve into our world--had nothing to do with anything you did or didn't do.

Please read that about 50 times a day!!!

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