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OK, I've been on 200mgs. Tegretol (actually the generic) every evening. Had a bout of very severe depression, some cycling, so pdoc upped it to 200 mgs. AM and 200 PM. That was about a week or so ago--maybe 10 days.

The last 3 nights, counting tonite, I begin to feel achey about 6PM--my skin hurts, like I'm getting a fever (my usual temp is less than 98.0--usually 97.2 or something) Last night, I woke up at 3 and was sure I had a fever--took my temp it was almost 100. (Took Advil, it went away) So this has been for 3 mights now, cause I feelthe same way right now.

I have NO other symtoms, no other signs I have an infection cooking, no nothing. Just this low-grade fever at night.

So, being the pharmaceutical weirdo that I am--can this be the increased Tegretol?

I mean, a fever, even a little one, is something that can be documented--its not one of those vague, "I think I may feel--"

I'm gonna put this on the BP board, too--but any ideas??

yours feverishly.


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Hi from another parmaceutical weirdo who's been on Tegretol over 19 years. Call me crazy, but I think it lowers my pulse and body temperature. That simply seems to fit the diaspora, coexisting with this medication (and my dose is more than twice your amped one).

All right okay, maybe in the early years it did seem my temperature was up a little.

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