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Finally got a hearing date!

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I finally got a date for my SSDI hearing. dec. 7. That is the good thing.

The bad thing is that they sent me a ton of questionares about physical disabiliyies. I don't know what to do with them, Most of it is redundant crap they already have, like my last 15 years of employment history. I remember what I've done but I can't remember when. I already filled this out before and it took me 2 months to compile it.

tHey also sent me forms about physical problems. It's very confusing and they porpously try to trip you up. I have to talk about my lawyer about this but with Thanksgiving coming and all I doubt it will get done in time.

My conumdrum is this:

My mental case is quite strong. No doubts about that. But If I start alledging physical problems I'm worried that it could count against me. So do I just ignore the physical problems and go on just the mental?

My physical problems are pretty bad but not bad enough for the SSA.

They make it pretty hard...

Hope this makes sense, the halcion is kicking in....

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I haven't been through the process, but this isn't an either/or situation.

Your physical problems are real, and affect how you live, and probably how you think to a degree.

You need to paint a total picture here. The "Whole man concept".

Regardless of what documentation you sent before, don't skip anything. This is your chance to present your case. Can you get a friend to help you by reading the questions and help dig through your old documents?

Good luck


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SSA has your complete work history. they just have to put in your SS# and they'll get it all. when i went in and applied for my SSD, that's all they did. i didn't have to do any work other than answer their questions. then i got those stupid questionairres in the mail asking me about my hearing aid use, and i had to present my mental health case. they gave me disability.

i know going to SSA is a bitch, but that's what i do when i'm confused. go right before they close (like 30 minutes before they close) or before they open, so you'll get out of there faster. i live right across the street from my SSA office so it is pretty nice for me, and it is a small office, even better.

i'd go to SSA and tell them you don't know how to answer this stuff, and let them help you get that employment history record if you don't still have it.

and as for the physical health stuff, throw it in! my best friend got his SSDI based on his mental and physical disabilities. neither alone in his case was enough, but together they were. as am said, give them a picture of the total you. and display it in court - you are you, and what information you've given them is your life.

i can't believe it has taken you this long. what kind of system is this? oh, they've denied my mother twice and she's not even sure if she wants to wait 2 years to see the judge, because she has MS and Lupus. i can't believe they want a woman with MS and Lupus to work. i got disability and i'm only crazy. it makes me feel lucky.

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