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Psychiatric Advance Directive (PAD)

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All the legal talk going on about loss of rights has made me do some thinking (yeah, I know, run for the hills). Anyway, it won't help the situation about loss of rights to vote, drive, or own a gun but it can help you retain some of your rights if you are ever hospitalized voluntarily or involuntarily. What I'm talking about is a psychiatric advance directive or PAD. This lets you have some control over decisions being made about your care.


This link has information on filling out an advance directive as well as free forms to do it.


This site has information about how different states handle PAD's. Some states have specific laws while others do not. Like in my state you don't even have to be deemed competent before you fill one out. It's relatively cheap as you only have to pay for a notary to witness the signatures. I hope this helps.

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