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I've been having this (lifelong) problem of excessive yawning, mostly during the morning hours (say, 8 AM-noon). Many times, the yawns are forceful and insuppressible, forcing my mouth so far open that my TMJ (temporal-mandibular joint; joint in the back of the jaw) starts to crackle and ache. Again, I cannot stop these yawns.

This problem gets even more severe and disturbing up to one week before and two weeks following my psiMS attacks.

I hear that multiple sclerosis, as well as some forms of MI, are correlated with excessive yawning. (Interestingly, SZ is correlated with a major lack of yawning.)

Anybody else have this issue? And any hints on what to do about it?

Sleepiness/fatigue may be an issue here, though with the Provigil I feel awake enough that I shouldn't be yawning that much.

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i yawn all the time too, and i don't know why. i get enough sleep.

i read that yawning is actually your body trying to get more oxygen. maybe you need more oxygen?

i think i need more oxygen when i'm bored, or tired. tired would make sense, if your body is trying to gear up. it maybe could be that your body is trying to get oxygen into your blood, if that's in fact why we yawn.

when i have a yawning issue i just take no doz, but you have provigil, so my guess would be an oxygen issue (if that's the case about yawning).

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"If your jaw unhinges while yawning, you might secretly be REPTILE MAN!"

- Do you eat entire roasts whole?

- Do you eat chickens head first?

- Is your favorite location a warm rock in the sun?

- Does your skin peel off?

- Are you fascinated by the rodents in your lab?



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I also have this problem and wish I knew what to do about it. It has been so bad before that when I worked at VZ a friend of mine would count how many times he saw me yawn and leave me a note at the end of our shift stating how many yawns I had. LOL. But anyways, this is an old post, so have you discovered anything new concerning the constant yawning? After reading your post it has been non-stop. Grrr to Fous!!!!!!

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i yawn a LOT and cannot stop it for anything when i am anemic... i am assuming it is the lack of oxygen.

my mood gets funky, i feel "bored", i get even more irritable, my sleep gets worse, and i yawn non stop.... and eventually i remember that i just had something to make me anemic (mine is usually inflammation induced so i get it after arthritis attacks) and cook up liver and eat lots of dark leafy greens.

is there any vitamin or mineral you might lose through the attacks that could cause lack of oxygen??

do you get any food cravings?


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