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Gmail Again!

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i was wondering why i hadn't received any email from my boyfriend all weekend, especially since we had had saturday plans. i couldn't understand why i wasn't getting email from him. i thought he wasn't sending it.

today i got to emails from him, telling me that my email provider (yahoo) must be screwing up because he just received 15 emails from me!

i went on gmail's help chat, and others are complaining of the same problem, but since the gmail is in beta, we're to expect that ;)

is anyone else ready to kill gmail? i keep telling him it sucks and not to use it, but he's a die hard fan...

btw- i tried to send and receive email in my gmail account with him too, with no success. so it is gmail.

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Well, all the stuff I actually wanted to receive got through just fine. I did suddenly get about two week's worth of spam at once today, though. That was interesting and unexpected. I don't usually use it for anything important, though, other than people who seem to think email is meant for sending large files, which it's not, and places that think email is for sending me all sorts of junk, which it isn't, so eh. I have real email for other stuff.

Completely off-topic tangential rant:

I closed my Yahoo! account a while ago, because it sucked at least as much, if not more. They did much worse things than just not working right once in a while, like change the privacy policy to say they could give out people's personal information if you checked the box that said so and simultaneously change the settings in people's profiles to default to saying that it was ok and give permission for them to do that, which included people's phone numbers and addresses if they'd entered them. When I get around to it, I intend to not use Gmail anymore either, but at least because of them doing stupid things like that...

(Yeah, I know it was a few years ago when they were particularly bad about that and Geocities stuff, and they can do whatever they want with a free service, but the only way people using it could do anything about it if it bothered them was to leave, which I did, and I haven't been back.)

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