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half of my face is burning/numb. anyone know if this is really bad?

i took 4 10mg once an hour trying to get it to work. even at 40 its blah. just energy, no focus.

4 * 10 mg XR. Let me guess - you thought taking 4 days' worth would let you stay up when you're tired and should

be getting some rest? The idea behind the XR is to put a few HOURS, not minutes, between the first and second half

of the dose and make it last longer, not hit harder.

With lithium and risperdal in your med schedule, I doubt that was a good idea. Adderall may have contributed, but I'd

say that's more a "don't do that again effect." than a "side effect". It's weird enough that you should probably put a

call in to your doctor or pharmacist and ask (but it will probably wear off in another 12-24 hours). In any case, you

would be better off to quit trying to "chase the dragon", take the med as prescribed, and deal with the fact that

Adderall ain't going to stop neither a BP depressive episode nor A Bad Day .

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i do feel better. i asked my pharmicist and he didn't seem to think it was a problem.

i really, really, really wanted it for the focus and concentration. and that was the only reason.

i tried 10, nothing, then 20, 30, 40 never achieving the effect i desired.

i had more energy, but i was all over the place.

never again!

thank you!


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If ADD was the problem, 40mg should have done it.

Risperdal will reduce the effect somewhat but not totally block it at that dose. This is good. If you'd tied that without it might have been in trouble. With stimulants it's normal to gradually work your way up to higher doses to reduce side effects and to make sure you don't end up taking more than you need.

Have you tried strattera? That would make more sense, all things considered.

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If ADD was the problem, 40mg should have done it.

If (rather, WHEN) ADD is a problem, and you're tired and/or fighting to keep going, adding extra Adderall just takes

you down harder. The catch is that it releases extra neurotransmitters without making up for it with really good

reuptake inhibition or increased production. i.e., you just spend what energy you have left faster. At some point

there's not enough left to work with. That's assuming the med wasn't washed down with anything acidic (sour

fruit juices, sodas, etc.)

Sometimes strong coffee can help, because it has a couple of methods of action amphetamine hasn't ... but it's

not guaranteed.

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thank you, thank you.

i feel better about the whole situation.

if i had only stuck with say 20 mg, then i would have always wondered if more would have made it work.

i'm glad nothing serious happened. i did read up on the amounts different people took before i upped it and it was between 10 and 80. but, i know better. i am the biggest paranoid freak about meds. really am surprised i pushed the limits.

i think it was just frustration and wanting a quick resolution.

i guess if adderall didn't work then it must be more than likely an aap that is needed. or another add drug. who knows! can't think anymore!

thank you again,


oh, i was really exhausted by the end of the night and i got a good night's sleep.

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If you were taking that much without being acclimated, it's amazing you were able to think about anything at all. If you're totally wired it's probably not going to help. It's also possible that at 10mg you were getting some good effects and not knowing it. Try going to a pizza place and see if you can ignore the TV while you eat. Talk with a friend who knows you well about various things and ask afterwards if your conversation seems different.

If Adderall really isnt' for you, and I don't think we know yet whether it is, you might find Ritalin to be just the thing.

In my case I think I found even 5mg generic to be a bit much for a while, but when I finally worked my way up to 10, I started to hold my own in arguments with my soon to be ex.

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