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what is up with my face?

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what is your recommended dosage?

if you go above your rx'd dose you are likely to feel icky.

if you are ADD, adderall won't necessarily wake you up. if you are sleep deprived, adderall won't fix what is going on in your brain. it may allow you to walk, but you won't be functioning.

how did your doctor tell you to take adderall?

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thank you penny c for responding.

my pdoc said to take 10mg. i tried that and it didn't work. no energy, no focus.

so, i upped to 20 then 30. at 30, i felt like one more would do the trick, like i was on the edge of it working.

i looked at a lot of boards and found that people were taking this and more, so i figured it wouldn't hurt. wrong!

I REALLY WANTED TO ACHIEVE FOCUS AND CONCENTRATION. I did get some energy, but was still all over the place.

Does this mean I am not add?

thank you again,


ps i am feeling better now, but will never do that again! would still like to know what i did.

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it doesn't mean you're not add.

Just tell your doc that what you're taking feels like its starting to help "maybe", and if so it's just a little, and ask if you can try a different stim. Try taking an antacid with a dose. Also try an antacid two hours before your dose, and try taking the antacid before each meal one day. Then see how it works.

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