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Besides meds, how do you handle your ADHD?

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I believe my son has inattentive ADHD. I've been researching it and most of what I've read suggests that medication can help but isn't really meant for the long term. I am also wary of putting my kid on drugs anyhow, but then again I was wary of using an antidepressant for myself and now I'm glad I did it. But kids brains are still developing... So I'm looking for suggestions for helping him.

He has problems with:

sitting still

listening without fidgeting (sometimes he gets up and walks around the classroom while the teacher talks)

following directions

keeping on task

time management (10 minutes of homework can take an hour or more)

staying organized (he loses his homework while trying to put it in his homework folder)

he is stupidly impulsive sometimes yet he is a very bright kid

I'll keep an open mind and consider medication, but I'd like to start off with trying to teach him how to manage this. Do you have any suggestions? Tricks that work for you?

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Sounds a lot like my son. We're still searching for ways to deal since he had such a bad reaction to stimulants. One thing that worked well was talking to the teachers. Hopefully they've had some training with ADD kids. I've heard of a teacher letting a kid go run a lap around the school half way through class. We also worked with the principal to make sure he would end up in classes with teachers who would work well with kids like him. Some do and some don't.

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It's an ooold thread, but I don't think anyone would mind if you restarted it. It has some good stuff in there, maybe mostly for adults, but I think it could be helpful anyway. If you ask questions more specifically for kids, I'm sure someone will help you.

Myself, I'm clueless. I'm starting to learn how to deal with this now, at 19.

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Regular schedule with good sleep. (I don't necessarily practice this consistently, as you can see by the time.)

Regular exercise.

A steady job. (Or some kind of equivalent structure for kids.)

Getting caught doing something right.

Learning tasks over time. Brain seems to rewire.

Generally good health habits.

Meditation, tho I can't really do it without my meds.

Having said that, I have to warn you that I'm more of the inattentive type and don't have all THAT much problem with impulse control. If I did, I might want to take Ritalin instead of Adderall. Or a bit of both if I could talk a pdoc into it. But your kid's mileage may vary.

I think stimulants may be ok for relatively long periods of time. Healthier than fights, car crashes, low academic performance, unemployment, etc. (In my case, my problems were mostly stuff like the latter two. High school was trivial, but college took 14 years. Admittedly it was a tough school, but still....) Also, I find stimulants greatly improve my social skills. Especially in loud or chaotic environments. Maybe I could have made it through college in 5 years and had a girlfriend by age 20 instead of 35.

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