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I get these head shocks, like adreneline or blood rushing to my head. It comes with my eyes hurting, and when I shut my eyes, my face spasms. I then get a headache (usually in the front or middle) and my jaw will hurt, feel tightened.

I noticed it happens more often after Im on a computer, or after watching a movie or tv.

Are these migraines or just weird headaches?

Note: these can last from seconds to minutes to an hour.

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Its hard to tell if its my eyesight causing my head symptoms or my head causing my eyesight problems. Its just odd how computers and electronics set off brain shocks. and it doesnt really explain my jaw hurting, unless that's usual for a headache.

It hurts in the front, and sometimes (what it feels like) in the middle. It also sometimes occurs in either the right or left side of my head. usually its hard to tell.

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Is there any visual aspect to this at all?

Any sort of a flash or even a 'sense' of a flash?

I don't have typical [not that there are really any typical] migraines, so I don't usually get flashes or spots or things like that in my auras, but all I can say right now is that it might be a migraine?

It does sound migraineous in nature at least. I hope someone who has had more classic auras comes along because I don't have personal experiences. The face spasm is odd, but different aches even twitches and numbness and loss of sight are not unheard of for various types of migraine. Migraines are not just headaches.

Someone, I think it is faith, has lost her sight before. My hearing can get funny and things look "weird". People get confused or talk funny.

Some have flasshes of light or 'zig zags' in their vision. Some have half their body lose feeling.

And having a migraine after watching movies or using the computer isn't that odd either- there are different triggers for everyone.

On the other hand they may not be migraines. If not, I couldn't say what they are.

Have you asked your doctor about it? It's strange and a good idea to bring it up. Not only because it's odd, but also because they are causing you pain and you shouldn't have to just deal with it.

Is it effected by sleep at all or when you are up late and tired? Are your eyes physically hurting at all?

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