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Holidays are depressing people disappoint


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I am gonna take my 50mgs of seroquel and hopefully sleep until Saturday. I want to purge myself of todays disasterous encounter with friends and family.

I am so there with you. not with the seroquel because that stuff gives me a bad reaction, but the sleeping off the dissapointing family. I put so much work into thanksgiving for them to only stay for dinner. whatever. I am tempted to misuse my xanax for a nice long nap. so tempted.

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is it sick of me to want to know the details?

if you don't care to share

no pressure

hope you are sleeping soundly

The beginning of the day I was spending with a friend of mine who was supposedly depressed due to a number of things which he wouldnt go into details with. I tried to get him to talk about it but was met with sarcasm and assholishness. Then I overhear him talking to some friend of his and his voice is more buoyant and animated, he is also talking about his problems with them, whereas with me he blew me off when I asked about the same thing. Its like "what the fuck?" how come noone takes me seriously enough to tell me their problems. I saw that he doesnt respect me like he does other people and it really pissed me off. Then later on in the day I went to my older cousins house for dinner, one of her friends was there and he basically drilled me with questions I felt interrogated. So how old are you? Do you date? Where does your sister live? Then most of the time I was sitting there like a rock because they talked constantly about things/people that were common to only them, so I was like a third wheel with them rambling about becky, barry, and so forth. Plus the atmosphere was so boring and drole. Boring Jazz playing in the music and them bragging about what trips they are going on this year. Fuckin phony jackasses. Wish I could get my good mood back that I had before thursday.

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sorry you had to experiece people and their shittyness!

think of it this way

you paid your dues for this year

maybe Christmas you'll give yourself a break

and do something hah

someONE you want!

sorry started with a typo and thought hey go with someONE

truthfully I'm such a hermit

no one expects me to mingle anymore

but talk about miserable years of training!

wishing you some joy

or at least some peace

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