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Stuck inbetween sleep and awake-WHAT is happening?

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I just spent a little between 7:43 and 8:26 stuck between awake and asleep, unable to move. I had a dream about my Mom and woke up at 7:42 at 7:43 (the clock is right next to me) I couldn't move I'd drift back into a dream,look at the clock and be there wide awake. I couldn't reach for my book, I couldn't reach for my water bottle but my eyes were wide open. This hasn't happened this regularly in a couple of years and then I was on seroquel and zyprexa. Now I'm not on them-just ambien and klonopin since June. I just called a friend and she asked could it be a form of ptsd as under an abusive situation I was held down by the weight of a persons body and had my mouth covered unable to speak or move. I don't think so.

what the hell is happening?


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Once you know what it is, you start to have some power over it, using 'directed' or 'councious' dreaming. The important point is to not be overly frightened. Next time it happens, start saying to yourself "It's just a dream, it's just a dream" and try to direct your dream to something/somewhere you find peaceful. It would probably be good to practice this a few times while you are awake, to establish the pattern.

I've used this strategy since I was a teenager. It helps at times.

good luck,


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