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what does lamictal rash look like?

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Guest naynay

okay, so i'm titrating up on lamictal (at 50 mg now) and have developed a small cluster of itchy red bumps on my mid-thigh. cluster about the size of a walnut. but, it is slowly getting bigger. i expected THE RASH to be more aggressive than that. don't want to freak out and call my pdoc and have lamictal taken away if it's nothing. also, i have sensitive skin, but this is different than the regular bumps... any feedback appreciated.

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I have seen no description of The Rash. 

SJS symptoms are:

- Rash (ultimately necrotizing to some fashion)

- Fever

- Flu-like aches and pains

If you have all three call Pdoc or go to ER immediately, do not wait.

Otherwise, mention rash to Pdoc at next visit.  If it is getting out of control call Pdoc and let them know of your concern.


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