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Do you have family that you just can't handle?


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Ugh... My step-mother and my dad are *super* "fake nice". I feel like I should accept and love them, but I just don't. They want to spend all kinds of time with my kids, but I don't trust them to have them alone anymore. They disrespect my husband. One time, my stepmother screamed at my 7y/o in front me. I just didn't even know what to say!

We have been avoiding them, and telling them our kids aren't available everytime they offer to have them over. Then I uninvited them to my twin's 1st bday because I just couldn't handle having my mom and dad in the same room. So, they are coming over tomorrow night to see the kids and I am just an axious wreck.

They don't understand my illness. I sent them a link to the mayo clinic, but no relpy from them - big surprise.

They cause more stress in my life than happiness. I'd love to cut them off. I have before, but my silly dh called them when I gave birth to out twins.

sigh... just venting in a place where people will probably understand.

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i totally understand. my mom was abusive to me and i didn't talk to her for a number of years. my dad also neglected me i favor of drugs for awhile and allowed my ex step bitch to kick me out of the house when i was 12 (and made me live with and take care of my elderly grandparents). so i didn't talk to him for awhile either.

my ex dh cut off his family when they rejected me. his dad had the nerve to invite my ex dh to his 5th wedding but not to invite me! that was it for him. he was off the contact list. ;)

sometimes people are just too obnoxious to deal wtih. appropriate measures need to be taken to deal with them.

if you can't because of your condition, i'd gently tell them that you don't feel well/up to it and that you will contact them when you are up to it. tell dh to stay out of it! he should understand how you feel, and if not, make him understand :)

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Yeah, my dh feels like an ass for calling them at the birth of our girls. He promises never to do it again if we happen to shake them again at some point.

My husband has already taken over all contact with them so I don't have to. He will tell them whatever I want. He has no problem being blunt. He's already told them I'm not up for talking to them and that he will be the one they contact.

Eh...I hate family sometimes.

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