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VNS - any ideas


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correct me someone please if i am wrong, but i think this was a thing i saw on 60 Minutes-

on the show, they were showing people who had this implanted in their brains, to stimulate a center in there. it was considered the last hope for people with terrible, chronic depression. they had a study of people and some of them got better, some didn't. at the time the show was aired, it wasn't available on the market anywhere.

but i don't know if that's even the same thing.

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Hi all,

I had the VNS implanted in my chest in Charleston S.C. for severe treatment bipolar II depression. It is now FDA approved in the US. With no other med changes, still bedridden, after two months, I suddenly started getting out of bed and feeling better. I believe it was the vns. Since then, I have had some pretty bad down periods but nothing like before.

BTW, Before that I had over 40 ECT treatments which did not seem to help much. It was too many, I think.

Started doing more harm than helping. I have lost many memories including the fact that I had a support group on this website. I apologize to many friends who have PM'd me and I have not responded.

Many days I am still not quite functional but I don't have the severe mental pain that I was having. And I can enjoy life again!!!! I'm still searching for improvements.


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i've got to read up on these new treatments, but yeah, they were showing this experimental surgery where the patients were actually awake when these electrode things were put in a certain center in their brains, to stimulate it and hopefully get them out of their depessions. these depressions were bad, like people not getting out of bed for years.

they must have been bad to undergo that kind of surgery- i don't think i'd ever have the guts!

something in your chest sounds a bit more reasonable than in your brain. the doctors had to make adjustments to the current sometimes. i wonder if that meant opening the brain again or turning up something that was already implanted. i don't remember. the surgery sounded scary enough to make me run for my lamictal and risperdal! ;)

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