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What is your average hospital stay?


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I can't even BEGIN to average mine.

Since 1988 I've been VOLUNTARILY hospitalized: 2-3

(hey, the 90's are kinda blurry. OK?)

Since 1988 I've been INVOLUNTARILY hospitalized: 6-7

(involuntary includes court commits & parental force)

My voluntary stays were anywhere from a week to 10 days on average.

My involuntary stays were typically 3 days unless I went in on a Friday or Saturday.

Weekends don't count.

Then an involuntary stay could last until Wednesday because

the qdocs needed to "observe" you Monday and Tuesday and

then Wednesday was"Court Day." And was the earliest you

could get out, if you knew how to play your cards right.

Unless of course you were unlucky enough to be caught in a

"rush" of nuttiness and there were too many nuts for the court

to see on that Wednesday. Then your case would be "bumped"

To Friday (the next available Court day) and you would have the

JOY of spending more time in lockup.

And then there are the JOYS of State Hospital. (which is now reserved

strictly for the CRIMINALLY INSANE, I wonder why) They lost me in

the system for nearly a month down there. I'm glad that they are FINALLY

taking care of what should've been done a long time ago with that facility.

So, there you have it. Who's next?

<edited to add: That's not even counting all the Partial Hospital time I've done. Don't get me started on those stories.>

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Hubby had a month stay as a teen, a several week stay in college, I had him commited when our kids were babies and he was in the state hospital for about 3 weeks. The next time he ended up in a private hospital for less than 2 weeks. His last stay was only 3 days (got to love zyprexa).

Plus there were several emergency room visits (complete waste of time) and crisis center visits.

NONE of hubby's visits were voluntary. This has been an issue for us. Hopefully it has been resolved with his new meds and docs.

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my first hospitalization was in decemober 02 and my last in november 05. i've had 5, mainly clustered in 04-05. my average stay was about a week. i was involed once that in know of, though it could have been twice.

my first time, i knew i needed to stay there for awhile. the other times, i knew i needed to stay away from the outside world longer, but i HAD to get out, i was climbing at the walls. so i played my cards right and got out. i never went to outpatient and was still a wreck when i got out, but was safe enough to do my healing at home and didn't need to be locked up for my protection anymore.

merlin fluff- that's a long time in the hospital! i'm sorry to hear that.

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Way too many to remember fully as many in adolcence that I have no recolection of ........ that said from age of 17 ... (2000) ALL SOMEHOW BEEN VOLUNTARY AS WELL!!

Jan - 2 weeks

May - 10 days

August 10th - October 31st (which included having my 18th bday in the loony bin!)

December 1st - January 27th 01 (someone count the days please)


... Jan 27th

March 2nd - 8th - 6 days

April 20th - 23rd - 3 days

July 24th - Jan 11th 02 - THERAPUTIC COMMUNITY SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED! (24 week admission and yet another b'day in the bin)


May 2nd - July 15th

July 17th - September 13th

September 19th - October 1st (avoided birthday by a few days!!)

October 3rd - OCtober 15th


December 29th - Jan 5th 04

(No I wasn't stable for most of 2004 just stoned off my face 24.7 and somehow was self injury free for 401 days, prob cos I was too spaced out to give a fuck!)


28th December - 2nd Jan 05


...2nd Jan 05

May x 05 - May y 05 (dates not writen in my journal)

So yeah just a lil time in the loony bin. Dates are in my journal, not srue why!


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  • December 2000 - 12 days, involuntary (after spending 6 days in the regular medical hospital following a suicide attempt)
  • August 2001 - 4 days, voluntary
  • January 2006 - 4 days, involuntary
  • February 2006 - 5 days, "voluntary" (because I realized it would be pointless for me to refuse to sign the paper this time)
  • April - June 2006 - 7 weeks partial hospitalization programme

Oh, and I had to spend the night in a regular hospital in 1997 after a suicide attempt.

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