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On Effexor, Scared Out of My Mind

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I'm BP, current cocktail:

Lamictal, 400mgs/day

Xanax, .5-1 mg 3xs day

Zyprexa, 10 mgs day

Lexapro, 5 mgs/day

My pdoc took me off of Paxil about 2 months ago so I could lose some weight. I gained 50 lbs on it, and have lost about 10 in the 2 months I've been off of it. So staying off would be good...

Anyway, we can't find an AD that works for me yet. I've tried Wellbutrin (basket case) and Lexapro (flat affect/apathy), and now he's tring Effexor XR. Should I protest? Call him and tell him I don't want to be on it?

Has anyone BP been on it and LIKED it?

Oh, I'm also really anxious in addition to depressed.

Please help, I'm scared out of my mind.

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