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depression and lexapro from holland

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Hey guys

I'm new here and i just want to say that this forum is a gift from heaven. For the past four days i've been in my bed, starring at the seeling. Then I discovered crazyboards... wauw: I'm not alone!!

As you can see, I'm from the Netherlands, so sorry if my English isn't quite that well. (Thats another gift; you learn along how to write in English)...

Well, here's my problem: I'm almost done with my study and I work in a sportsbar-like-something... A few months ago it was like it was too much. Everything felt empty, eveything felt too much began to develop irrational thoughts, my head was like a funfair... (but not so funny) I was like crying all day, felt misserble frightend etc. Became somewhat parano

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lexapro isn't a drug that works right away. it takes about 2-3 weeks to really hit your system. the dose you are taking is a starting dose, it really isn't high enough to do much. your pdoc probably wants you to get it into your body before raising it up higher.

take the xanax if you need it.

talk to your pdoc. there are other drugs that work much faster that you can take to get you by while the lexapro is beginning to work. you could take an atypical antipsychotic that may help, or use more xanax if you can handle it without falling asleep. you have other options that work faster that are worth looking at.

you don't have to lie there and stare at the ceiling. you can get out and have a life and go to work- and your pdoc can give you ideas on how to do that.


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Effexor and Lexapro both made me even crazier! I thought I was going to explode. They might not be the drugs for you. I agree with Loon about the xanax. Use as much as you need. The drugs that saved my sanity are wellbutrin, abilify, and Lamictal. Look them up and talk to your doc.

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Hi, Dutch Tony,

Welcome to this crazy family.

Both the Effexor and Lexapro take 3 - 4 weeks to begin to work. The Zyprexa works within a few days, but is very strong. It's probably not something you'll want to take long term, but it will help while waiting for the Lexapro and Effexor to kick in.

In the mean time, be sure to take the Lex every day. Don't miss any doses.

There's lots of information in the posts here, so I hope you will stick around. You can practice your English here any time.


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