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i got 3 letters from SSA today, telling me that i need to repay them my SSI from november because i received SSDI. i only received SSI, no SSDI, so this is pointless.

why are they so stupid?

i have to go to SSA tomorrow to clear this up. i'm just going to their office- its right across the street from my place. i can't believe the stupidity.

i can understand if they tell me to pay them because i've been working in november, that i can understand. but not because i was paid ssdi. i never received any ssdi. i can prove it to them because i just received an award letter telling me i would begin receiving it in december. those bastards!

i hate working with SSA. no wonder they are so hated.

i want to take VE's advice right now and quit my job, because it can only spell trouble as far as SSA is concerned. soon they're going to be taking money probably because i work a measly 20 hours a week making $7/hr.

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i figuerd out what happened-

ssi pays you for that month in the beginning of the month. ssdi pays you at the beginning of the month for the prior month. that would mean that for november i would have gotten ssi in the beginning of november and the first payment in the beginning of december for ssdi would actually be applicable to november, hence a double payment.

but THEN, then went and deposited ssi into my account again last night, in the amount of the lower ssi that they gave me in november, not even the full ssi that they would have given me had i remained on ssi (they had adjusted payments according to income i had earned in august and september). i have no idea why they just put $245 in my account. now, i'm glad they did, because it will cover a student loan that will be drafted from my account tomorrow and my ssdi hasn't come in yet, but still, this is crazy. the weirdest part is that it was still the lower amount, not the full $603 i would have gotten had i still been on ssi. what weirdness!

i guess i need to go to SSA today to clear up all of this. not that they're so bright or anything or will be able to see what i'm talking about. it will take at least an hour to explain this to them. at least in my SSA office, the people there aren't the brightest of bears.


and just now, i got a CHECK from ssa for my ssdi amount. i asked specifically that they direct deposit into my bank account, not send me paper checks. so again, a trip to ssa. lucky it is across the street and i can go just when they're ready to close, so they serve me much faster and i don't have to wait in line very long.

and they'll probably want me to repay this money they just gave me in error too, as if it is my fault they paid me, and paid me that stupid amount again. i should just fight it.

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i have to pay ssi back for my last eight months on it - while i was in appeals. this is because i wasn't "technically" on ssi during that time, they were just letting me still get the money while i was in appeals. which makes no sense. but i sent them a form asking them to not make me pay it back. then they said they never recieved it. so i sent another. and they never recieved that. so i said screw it, keep my taxes for the next ten years if you want. then six months later, i got a letter that said they recieved it and would get back to me about it "later". no date. no time limit or idea of when. just "later".

gargh. this is why i'm working and hating it and don't even want to bother getting back on it even though i really need to be on disability and NOT working.


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and about having a job- my job, at least so far, is really hours-happy when it comes to scheduling. i had to fight them to get it down to 24 hours, and i can only do 22 to be under SSA's SGA limit. i'm not going to waste my TWP on working at a gas station!

i don't want to trigger an SSA review of my case, and i don't feel like i'm ready to work, having worked a bit. at least, i'm not ready to work at a gas station. maybe at some other kind of job, but not there. as i mentioned above, i'm very leery of working while on ssdi and am afraid to lose my benefits.

do you think i should quit?

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How is the gas station set up? Do you work alone? If you work alone, don't just abandon the whole place without locking the place and the unattended cash register. Make sure the gasoline is all locked up and the place is shut (so that there is no unattended gasoline).

If you are the only one working on the night shift, you might want to show up one night, clock in, but refuse to count out a till or open up for business. Tell customers that the place is closed, and stay for an hour. Or better yet, if you don't feel up to dealing with gasoline, then only open the snack shop, and close all the gasoline tanks, and tell all the customers that there is a malfunctioning problem, but the store is open and food and novelties are for sale. Then close up early, lock the door, count your till and go home.

Or simply don't show up for your last shift. Call your boss and ask when you can pick up your last paycheck, or have him/her mail it to you. Quit when you want---you just don't want to be held responsible for gross negligence as a result of job abandonment (i.e. leaving the place unattended in a state where it is vulnerable).

Be sure to call your manager later to arrange a time to turn in the keys. Enjoy your newly found life, and let us know how it goes. If you are decompensating, you are decompensating.

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Hi All:

Luckily the only problem ive had with SSA was waiting the year until they approved me.

my grandma gets the retirement benefits and has been having problems the past few months. and she goes into the SSA office to talk to the people. it gets worked out. and then the next month the same problem happens. so, grandma goes back. and its been cyclical like this for several months.

Im not gonna defend the SSA other than it is a government program and subject to all the wacky bureaucracy that a lot of us crazies cannot handle. the SSA is dealing with so many types of people and so many different programs within the SSA that I feel safe assuming, can be very difficult to work there and to the recipents whose benefits get mixed up.


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