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Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

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Oh... there is actually another thread about it here

But, I have complex migraines. I have a lot of the visual stuff that happens - micropsia[also here] and macropsia

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome on Wikipedia

My hands seem really big, arms seem long.

Also other things can seem a bit 'off'.

This briefly mentions it, but also other distortions:

Rare visual auras include metamorphopsia (objects appear to change in size and shape), macropsia, micropsia, telescopic vision (objects appear larger than normal), teleopsia (objects appear to be far away), mosaic vision, Alice in Wonderland syndrome (distorted body image), and multiple images. Headaches, when unilateral, usually occur on the side contralateral to the visual symptoms but can occasionally be ipsilateral.

from medscape

There is supposed to be connection between mono and epstein-barr and AIWS.


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