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Bitch Boss From Hell

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this lady is totally unbelieveable. she gets so salty over the smallest things. i had to miss a day of work after i had my LEEP surgery, and she is insisting that i need some kind of evidense that i was actually at the clinic and had a procedure to be allowed to go back to work! come on! this is a part-time gas station job! i'm a friggin cashier! please tell me i didn't just hear that from her.

isn't it standard in business that you only need an MD note if you're out for 3 days or longer? i missed a day of work and she's going apeshit about it. totally uncalled for.

lucky for us, she's gone on saturday (and i don't work until sunday), and i won't be able to go back to work until my next scheduled day, which is thursday, because i can't get the excuse from planned parenthood on sunday because they're closed.

it is like not having a job for a week.

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