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One click chat wanted with 'live' occupancy preview

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Better yet use hoppes and stuff and make BEER for us peeuwter plebians!

Details of tweeking are fine, AFTER one gets into chat to evaluate, forum, and form connections, and compatability potential, but as gmail has done with IMs, new software phobic people appreciate simplicity in over-complicated lives.


ps~ I lied, I 'love' to complain about the roadblocks to progress in my life, just love to ;)

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I'd like a 2007 BMW 325i - black with black leather interior. automatic.

for now i have to settle for a car 1/2 that price.


Is that all?

The ultrahigh milage car, record holder from Bath gets 3,600 mpg, I'd settle for half or even a third that for a practical means of transportation. Why is it we have to settle for so much less than is possible? I just don't understand why we have so many obsticals placed between us and what we need to survive and have great lives, let alone survive possible extinction of our speicies. I think I could do my part to help, given the tools to do so but my expertise is not with software or even much beyound elementry peewuter literacy.

I know I expect it all a century ago, which explains my thoughts of rage against various myth/religon and pseudo science/quack pushers of the past and present. Now if I could just hold myself to as high standards... ;)

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OK. If you pay for it, I'll set it up.

The last commercial chat option I looked at that would would be satisfactory was about $3500.

We have epileptic users and color blind users and users with a variety of disabilities that make a lot of the standard chat options unaceptable. As a disability support forum we can't have a chat that discriminates against anyone on the basis of disability. IRC lets you chose your own client so that's not a problem.

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What problems are you having with irc?

Try this alternate web client if you have trouble with the first one. It's configured to use a different server.



Hey don't spend money, is ok, I just gripe on principle. I was/am an admin. of a tiny board that I think "died"(it still technically exists) that I didn't have the peewuter expertise to do right. I am just barely scraping the surface here as far as exploring what you guys have built, and what goes on here so far. I think the 'tude' of the site's forums and discriptions, is dynamite ;) . Please don't think my twittering is any more than a indication of my opinion of a direction that I think should be pursued as time, energy, etc. allow.

My 'twittering complaint' problems have to do with any 'extra' steps involved where I have to think about peewter stuff instead of what I came here to try to find help with.

Be well :) ~Down

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