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Feds trying to stop states from paying for benzos

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Medicare Won't Cover Some Anxiety Drugs

By KEVIN FREKING, Associated Press Writer

Mon Jun 27,10:21 AM ET

When the federal government's new prescription drug benefit kicks in next year, it will not cover a category of drugs commonly used to treat anxiety, insomnia and seizures.

That means those disabled and elderly people on Medicare who take Xanax, Valium, Ativan and other types of the drug benzodiazepine will have to look elsewhere for coverage or switch to a different, less addictive medication.

Finding other alternatives may not be easy for the 1.7 million low-income, elderly people who take the drug and will be automatically enrolled in the new prescription drug plan. They will depend on the states to continue paying for their benzodiazepines

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The really scary issue to me is what if these people need these meds for seizure control, not a sleep aid or an anti-axiety use, but not having seizure medication can kill a person. There may be people who need a med such as Ativan to control seiazures. I do not know how appropriate benzos are for older epileptics or if they are dangerous, but if they are used ,the discontuiation seems criminal to me.


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