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middle aged madwoman in nyc

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why does that seem like an abbreviation for "turd"

i'm a treatment resistant depressive with a number of other complementary diagnoses depending on the doc.

much madness in the family.

i'm the first generation to seek treatment.

came all this way and what do they give me?

fucking ssri's.

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Welcome Overit,

All I got THIS FAR is relieved from my duties at work, relieved from my duties of owning a house and dog :-(

(the dog), finally, realization that I have good supportive friends, a few excellent friends that aren't going to let me go down, and a new boyfriend that has helped me when I could not help myself. My family are finally becoming educated about this disease. I am finally learning to accept it and when I can, find joy even when there is pain, when I can, which is more often than I thought possibe. Dear Overit, here is to grabbing onto life, and not letting go. Thank you for being here.


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