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WOW! She really is insane (and stupid) Part 2


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Where to begin. My God I think she's the devil sent to earth to destroy me. I have been sober 5 months, went to treatment then a halfway house and now to AA 3 nights a week. I work 5 days a week (I haven't held down a job in almost 20 years) and have had this job two months today. I save my money and the nice people at the bank actually gave me a checking account (I had once gone to jail for writing bad checks.)

So, as you can see, I've reallly come a long way in five short months. YET............

She wants to tell me how to run my life. This morning I had to go to court to pay a traffic fine. It was for driving without a license. The judge said (the first time I went before him) that I had to pay the $300 fine and get my license back. Getting my license back is complicated because I owe child support and they (the Dept. of Revenue: Child Support) require a lump sum payment toward arrearages (about 500-$1000). Then there's three old tickets that have to be paid as well. This all comes to about $1800. Well she told me this morning I should just "tell the judge you can't afford it."

Oh, yeah, that'll work. I'm sure he'll just say, "ok, fuck it...everyone else here has to comply with the law but you don't." She's IGNORANT. Plus she says I shouldn't have to pay child support for my oldest son. WHy not? Did I not bring him into this world? Am I not financially responsible for his welfare until he turns 18? YES YOU DUMB FUCKING BITCH!!! I am! I am working a program of recovery that requires me to be honest, open and willing. I am to be RESPONSIBLE in all things. But she constantly want to argue with me about it. She says I shouldn't have to pay it.

IT"S THE LAW. And you know what she said to that? Get ready...because this is the dumbest thing ever to come out of her mouth. "Well you can get the law changed."

OMFG. Are you that stupid? Not to mention, it's MY RESPONSIBILITY to feed and clothe him. I can't just walk away from that. His dad is in jail and his grandparents are struggling to raise him and it's not fair for me to just try to walk away. I did that for years while I was using and I am not doing that.

BUT, she can't see past her own selfish motives. She wants me outta here as fast as possible and so she sees that child support I'm paying as extra money I could have to get moved out. She doesn't give a shit about my son or his needs or emotional welfare.

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It is sad that someone can get to her age and still live in lala land?

I wish it were a rare thing, but I know so many "mature" individuals who should know better (::cough cough:::mother-in-law:::cough cough) that honestly have no clue about how the world really works. They are so wrapped up in their own selfishness that logic and common sense are not allow to see the light of day.

I often wonder how they have managed to survive to a ripe old age being ignorant and oblivious, yet somehow they do. And, aparently, the more oblivious and ignorant they are, the longer they seem to live!!!

Why is that?!?!?!

Wish I had some helpful advise. Instead, how about a pat on the back for the sobriety and the honesty? You are doing the right thing and I applaud you.

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At least she's out there enough that you know she's a crazy lunatic, right?

I mean, in some ways it's worse when they're somewhat reasonable, so you start to wonder if the fucked up things they say are actually true in some way.

This woman is a space case. She has no idea what's going on. I hope you can actually shut yourself in your room and laugh at what a fucking tool she is sometimes, because... she really is.

So... fuck her. You have come so far in 5 months, and there's no way this woman who doesn't have any idea what she's talking about and asking you to NOT FLUSH THE TOILET SO MUCH gets to pass judgment.

You're doing the right thing by paying for your son, and you know that. You'd want to do it even if it weren't the law. She can go blow.

Congratulations on all you've done so far. That's no easy feat.

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first, at least you've got your head on straight enough to realize that she's a dumb fucking bitch who doesn't know her ass from a hole in the ground.

second, you must realize that of course she doesn't care about YOUR son, because she doesn't care about her own! if she did, then she'd be welcoming towards you and applaud your wellness and progress. instead, she questions your medical conditions (take a look in the toilet and see for yourself) and takes your mail. obviously, if she loved her son as a mother should, then she'd recognize his love for you and be supportive.

why can't this woman let you cook? if you cook, then you're not spending money at restaurants, and that money can be used to help you get out.

her logic is very flawed.

and would she ever walk out on her son and not pay child support if she was in your position? apparently she would! just what kind of person is she? obviously, not one you want to be around or listen to.

do get out of there as fast as you can. not that you need any encouragement to do that, it sounds like you have enough encouragement coming from her.


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Divine I'm proud of you too. You're doing awesome things to better you and your kids lives. You should start grinding up valium or paxil or some shit and putting it in her sugar bowl. She'd have to shut the hell up or I'd lock myself in my room unless I had to use the bathroom. Hell I'd even try to get a fridge and a hot plate in there just so I wouldn't have to see her. And use paper plates. Maybe you could describe her symptoms to your pdoc and then get some literature and leave it on the table for her with a note saying: "With love from me. Helpful tips to help you enhance your life." Lol her head would spin.

Hang in there my wish for you is a christmas bonus at work so you can move away from nutty fudge central...


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Well, here I am again to update. I finally got some money from my trust now that I'm six months clean so I rented a townhome which I move into on the 1st. So, only 12 more days of hell!!!

Last night we had the world's worst fight. I was accused of being the reason my boyfriend still uses drugs, even though I've been clean six months. I was also told that I had no business going to a movie last night and leaving him to be by himself. So, she thinks I'm his fucking babysitter!

Another conversation went like this:

Her: When are you going up to get Amanda?

Me: My mom's flying me up there the 1st of March

Her: I thought you were driving up to meet your mom halfway next week

Me: We changed our plans

Her: But I thought you were driving up to meet your mom halfway next week

Me: My mom decided it would be best for me to fly up

Her: But you said you were driving up to meet your mom halfway next week


Her: Well, you're constantly changing your story...we don't know what to believe..

Another time she couldn't understand why the pictures came back from WalMart smaller than usual. I explained that they were wallet sizes. She still didn't get it. So I explained it about three more times and she never did understand....


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OMG!! WTF is wrong w/ this woman?? It's like she decides what she is gonna say during a whole conversation before it even begins. Either that or she doesn't hear you or even herself talking. I believe this woman is in a vegetative mental state and should go to the ER ASAP!!

I'm sorry you have to deal w/ her rantings and lunacy. I am very glad that you don't have to deal w/ living w/ her for very much longer. Also, Congrats on your accomplishments and staying on track.

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LMAO! thanks for all the support everyone! I am also getting my license back this Wednesday!!! Can you believe they sent my son's dad to prison for life without parole? Needless to say I don't have to pay him child support anymore! So the child support people unfroze my suspended license. I still give my son $100 a month though.

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it sounds like this woman has some sort of dementia or psychosis issue. she needs to see the pdoc asap for a DX and some meds. talk about major denial!

that's great that you have your license back. congrats on the townhouse and being clean. those are huge accomplishments.

you're not your boyfriend's babysitter, and she has no right to expect you to be, as i'm sure you know. he's an adult and can make his own decisions.


i'd at least be turning to the bottle if my mom was like that. geesh! there's be empty bacardi bottles littering the room!

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Well, I'm happy to say that I got moved out today. I did relapse last week though. It was fucking terrible. Three day binge and 3000 dollars later....I'm suprised I'm not suicidal after that. I just went over the edge with all the damn stress. Well, at least I'm alive.

*hits self over head

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