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Diagnoses...it's not important really

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I wish I was able to read the original post because I'm intrigued. Going by the last post I'll add that it HAS been argued that BP and BPD are the very same thing. It's best to treat the symptoms and the issues the individual is experiencing, not the diagnosis. Many times pdocs make a diagnosis based mainly on the meds they prescribe in order to rationalize it to insurance companies. Basically, diagnoses should be taken with a grain of salt.

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I think the difference between BP and BPD is one is a mood disorder, and with meds it can be treated easily, whereas BPD is a personality thing and responds more to a med therapy combo over a longer period of time. My pdoc thinks I have BP rather than BPD and he says the test will be if I can live a functional life now my meds are working.

Well BP isn't alway easy to treat...


Anyway, I never really got people who argue BP and BPD are the same or on the same spectrum. I've been diagnosed with BPD, and I don't really know what to think about it. I do have some traits but not enough for a disorder. I can't see how it was confused with my bipolar, though. Depression is a part of both, but mixed states/mania/hypomania are pretty unique for bipolar.

I know there was a thread on this a while back... Oh well.

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