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lofepramine [Gamanil ]

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Hi AllyHants,

I haven't tried it, but I''l bet a lot of smokers/drinkers would say that giving up heavy smoking and drinking habits on the same day while also depressed, could be doubly depressing! ;) That IS a lot of changes to be throwing at the brain, though commendable.

One month on a med is just barely getting to the point starting to see whether it might be working. And, sure, heavy drinking can certainly affect your mood negatively. Unfortutnately increasing thoughts of suicide can't be brushed away.

I would strongly encourage you to tell you doc about your thoughts, even though you aren't intending to act on them, they ARE an indicator of what is going on in your head. Simply say "I'm having these thoughts, but I don't intend to act." He will understand.

BTW, Gamanil/lofepramine is not an approved AD in the US.

Good luck kicking the vices.


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I was depressed and self destructive on antidepressants, but it's hard to tell whether they caused it or not, since that was at the time my MI began to rear its (ugly) head.

Anyway. How were things before you started any AD? I would think not so good, since you were prescribed them in the first place. I have no idea if the meds are causing this or not, but it's likely you are going through depression and they're just not working right.

Giving up cigarettes and alcohol could play a role, definitely.

If you think of suicide, and even starting to plan it, it is serious and please just don't wait and see. Things can start to go downhill fast, and thinking about suicide is a big warning sign. You can never know if you will act on those thoughts or not. You have to call a helpline/go to the ER/call your GP. NOW. That's first priority. Long term you could do things like get a pdoc, start therapy and so on, but right now you need emergency help.

BTW, lofepramine only seems to be availabe in the UK, and it's a tricyclic. Parexotine is known as Paxil in the US, and Citalopram is Celexa.

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