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Driving on Ambien

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I took a 10mg ambien on Sat Morning to just go to sleep because I had really bad cramps accompanied by backache. ;)

(yea........back on ambien)

But.......I had forgotten I had to get something at the supermarket and did not want to wait.

I said I think I will be ok

I don't feel sleepy and it's just down the street. I made it to the market bought what I needed and then got back on the road.

Well.............when I turned onto the road I looked down for a minute and next thing I know I was driving on the center divider it took me awhile to realize it and to control my car back on the road. And when I got back on the road I noticed my car was drifting over to the next lane, I am just glad no one was around me at the moment .

I am glad the divider had brick work and bushes and not a lamp post or any kind of signs. I only had scratches on my car which were buffed out later.

Then I realized I am not well and in control.

I finally made it home but before I did I hit another curb by my home.

I was shaking and scared.

I am lucky I didn't not hit anyone or that the police were around. I don't even think I could have explained to the police man that I was on ambien.

I will never again take it and think I am ok to go out.

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I'm glad you are safe, and hope you learned your lesson.

You are fortunate that you even remember the incident, since ambien is a hypnotic. Other possible outcomes could have been hallucinations, or simply falling asleep.

Anyone remember congressman Kennedy who crashed his car outside the capitol at 4 am, on the way "to vote" this spring? He had taken ambien.

Stay safe, LG, and don't operate anything more complicated than a tv remote control after taking your nite meds. ;)


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