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Just how many alters ARE there anyway?

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:) Just when I come to grips with a newcomer, more appear. Deena and Gia are theatre girls and have taken to being together. Now I have mostly silent, but helpful Devi and then this morning Naz appears and steps in to handle a bunch of scary phone calls when I was hiding under my desk and trying not to scream. Naz talks some different then I do and it feels weird having her voice come out of my mouth...trying to not dissociate and run away.

The littles want to know why the balloons that we blew up won't float and I'm trying to explain Helium to them all. They have decided that we all need a birthday party. I'm trying to get re-certified for my Medicaid and get through the Medicare tangle of paper work....Merideth is curled up and swearing a lot. NeNe is bouncing around annoying everyone with trying to help. *sigh* and then there are the silent ones, wary and scared of everything


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it sounds like you already have a full house! but like abi, you could have even more.

i hope Big Cheese will help you. and i hope medicaid stops their shit and comes back through. they can be really weird about it. i think all of social services and SSA are a bunch of weirdos personally.

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*giggles* i shouldn't laugh, but i can't help it. :cussing: i can't even express how thrilled i am we have finally met everyone in here (i think) and don't have to deal with it anymore.

and, yeh, isn't it WEIRD when someone else is out and talks with a very different accent and you're watching and thinking... "um...."

hoshiko is very soft spoken, and caroline has a very strong southern accent (she grew up in south carolina) and there are lots of others hehehe.

and the first time debhan (pronounced devan) came out, my sister said "so... from chicago, huh?"

anyway, we explained hot air to the littles, and they tried to fart into them, because gas is hotter... anyway...

i hope you have a good day and hello to all you new people and you'll make it through the paperwork :wtf:

take care! just remember to laugh at yourself ;) selves... sorry :)


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