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amilsulpride and pregnancy

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Amisulpride (corrected spelling) trade name: Solian

Is not approved in the US. It appears to be approved in the UK, AUS, Italy, and others.

The UK PI sheet lists the following info:


Pregnancy and lactation


In animals, Solian did not show reproductive toxicity. A decrease in fertility linked to the pharmacological effects of the drug (prolactin mediated effect) was observed. No teratogenic effects of Solian were noted.

The safety of Solian during human pregnancy has not been established. Therefore, use of the drug is contraindicated during pregnancy and in women of child bearing potential unless using adequate contraception.


It is not known whether Solian is excreted in breast milk, breast- feeding is therefore contra- indicated.

As always your doctor must weigh the benefits of taking a drug to maintain the mothers health versus the risk to the fetus.


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The only advice I would give is to reduce the dosage with your doctor's guidance and monitoring, if that is what he/she advises. The real key to most medications during pregnancy is to find the lowest dose that works to minimize potential risks to the baby. You may also find that you just don't need as much while pregnant as you did while not. (Of course, the reverse could always be true as well.) That is why you need to have a good relationship with your health care provider and maintain good communication throughout your pregnancy. Good luck!

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