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fMRI study relevant to conversion disorder

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Thank you, resonance, for posting this... I'd been expecting/hoping some researcher out there to find this out someday, and it looks like it's starting to happen.

My unofficial dx for my psiMS symptoms is in fact conversion disorder, although the stuff is more associated with severe PTSD and people who repress memories and prefer to somatosize psychological symptoms (whereas I'm an open book with myself and know damn well that I'm batshit and need meds for it).

My mother had somatoform/anxiety-generated disorders (bruxism/teeth-gnashing and severe subjective palpitations) that didn't see any relief until she went on crazymeds (now Valium and Zoloft every night). Part of it is culturalism, of course, those like her who grew up in Eastern cultures are steeped in the idea that all mental symptoms are converted, and only the physical symptom itself need be treated.

I wonder if conversion disorder really is a repressed memory gone metastatic into the wrong region of the brain (sort of like a migrating mini-seizure or migraine).

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