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Out of the hospital, again

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Well, this was a super-fun stay, filled with very elderly, very miserable people.

We finally got a second psychiatrist to do a consultation while I was in. He says dx is correct (actually leans more toward BP1); get more family support; lose the Tegretol and the Zyprexa; stay on lithium, Lamictal, and Risperdal; and add some Klonopin.

My own psych is too slow to implement this, says he was just trying to get me out of the hospital and keep me stable through the weekend. But I am going to my mother's and will get grief about being overmedicated -- already got some from psychiatrist father-in-law -- so we need to do it now. So I did it on my own.

Oh, and then there is Zoloft withdrawal.

My husband is supposed to not leave me alone, but he's gone, and I am supposed to take our vomiting son to brunch with his family. I should have told him not to go but he's had a hard week. So much for assertiveness training.

This is not working out. I am unreformed. At least I care about them enough to not buy more blades, yet.

Oh, and I can't type. Every word needs to be corrected.



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so much for family support! it looks like no one understands that you're fragile, and everyone thinks they can go about their merry lives and not consider that you just got out of THE HOSPITAL. i guess some people don't understand that the psych ward is the hospital. you woulnd't exect someone who just had heart surgery to go mow the lawn, so why expect someone who just was hospitalized to deal with the demands of family life so soon?

your psychiatrist seems to be a weirdo. why not get you stabilized on the new med schedule, while you were in the hospital under medical supervision, rather than have you do it at home? you made the comment that you're already doing it on your own, and getting off of zoloft. your psychiatrist, in my opinion, made a bad choice by not implementing those decisions sooner.

i hope your zoloft withdrawl isn't that bad. it took me 6 tries over 2 years (or was it 3?) to quit paxil. we ended up going down in liquid milligrams. it can be really hard to get off of an ssri. give yourself a break, and use that assertiveness training to keep yourself out of situations that will have you running back to the hospital.


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