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I am going to quit for a while...via Moderation Management...doing a period of abstinence followed by moderating my drinking. I just wanted to know, does anyone else have success with this? I don't believe I am addicted, just a problem drinker.

I began drinking about a year ago when I found out it quieted down my OCD thoughts. I got up to drinking a bottle to a bottle and a half of wine a day at my worst. I only felt the effects of alcohol with wine...when drinking beer or stuff like that, I just got a little relaxed...so wine is definetely my demon. But I would like to have drinks on special occasions or relax with a drink after a tough day at work.

I find myself terrified that a) I dont know how to live with OCD and NOT quiet my thoughts and B) my OCD will come back with a vengeance. It's not really causing me problems right now, but how much of that is because I am obsessing over my alcohol consumption?!?

Any advice would be great. Thanks.

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Been there, done that. The drinking to help with OCD part anyway.

Have you tried low dose anti-psychotics? They can help a lot.

Topamax has helped me cut back on booze as well as helping with OCD. It can help with compulsive behaviors in general, compulsive gambling, "sex addiction" that kind of thing. If you're prone to compulsive behavior to begin with and start drinking compulsively to help with OCD, it's worth looking into.

Get this book. We only make forty cents or something like that off the link so I'm not trying to scam you. As far as learning to live with OCD, and letting obsessive thoughts stay at the level of background noise rather than taking over, it's helped me quite a bit.


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i second VE's motion for topamax. on topamax i couldn't drink at all, or i'd get violently ill. i was taking it at the time of my 28th birthday, and i had this "great" idea that i'd celebrate the anniversary of my 21st birthday. i had 1 cocktail before my head was totally spinning and i felt like i was going to pass out! enough drinking on topamax for me! that was it!

I don't have OCD, but it did quiet my tendencies.

it ended up not working out for me for other reasons, but i'd say it is worth talking to your pdoc about. most of us who've tried it at least agree on the drinking part.


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before I got preggers, I was doing moderation drinking. depending on what day it was, what i was doing, etc - i would only have 1-2 glasses of wine or beers. no more than 2.

its really difficult to adjust from drinking a glass of wine or 2 with dinner to nothing. but i had to for the baby. now i drink nothing alcoholic.

although i would not endorse pregnancy as a way to stop drinking. ;)

good luck!!!


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Good luck with the moderate drinking

I am going to try moderate drinking for the holidays.

I got myself a couple of beers for tonight

This is why I really want to try topamax - for compulsive drinking, compulsive eating and purging, compulsive self-injury, compulsive over-spending and compulsive over-dosing.

I am a very desperate woman

But enough of my ramblings, let us know how you get on with the moderate drinking

good luck

blackbird x

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